What's the Difference between The Green Mile the Book and The Green Mile the Movie?


The Green Mile

Released: 1996
Author: Stephen King

The Green Mile

Released: 1999
Director: Frank Darabont
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John Coffey
John Coffey
Portrayed by: Michael Clark Duncan
The Green Mile Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   When John is brought in, the only other inmate is Delacroix. Delacroix is there as well as Bitterbuck.
   When John first arrives, Paul tells Percy to leave and he then yells at another guard on his way out. He doesn't yell at a guard. He hits Delacroix fingers with his baton.
   When John is discovered with the twins he is wearing a red bandanna on his head and there are a swarm of gnats around his head. He isn't wearing anything on his head and there are no gnats.
   The Detterick twins are naked when they are found with John. They are wearing clothes.
   The main story takes place in 1932. The year is 1935.
   The story is not told chronologically. It happens in sequence.
   It's explained why Delacroix and Bitterbuck are on death row. Delacroix is an arsonist, rapist and murderer, while Bitterbuck murdered a man in an argument over a pair of boots. Not specified.
   Paul is in the nursing home and the brutality of Brad Dolan who works there. It reminds him of Percy Whetmore. This isn't shown.
   Paul is writing the story of the Green Mile as a novel. He is telling his life experience to his girlfriend Elaine.
   The Warden, Hal Moores has an assistant named Curtis Anderson. He doesn't.
   John Coffey is a huge man of seven feet. He is only about 6'6".
   Mr. Jingles dies 64 years after John brought him back to life. He is still alive at the end.
   Paul found out Wild Bill was guilty of the murder of the two girls that John was to die for through his own research and some logic. John holds Paul's hand and Paul sees what happened through the eyes of Wild Bill.
   Paul is 104 years old when the story ends. He is 108.
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