What's the Difference between The Time Machine the Book and The Time Machine the Movie?

Science Fiction

The Time Machine

Released: 1895
Author: H. G. Wells

The Time Machine

Released: 2002
Director: Simon Wells
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In the Book In the Movie
The Time Traveller
Dr. Alexander Hartdegen
Portrayed by: Guy Pearce
Portrayed by: Samantha Mumba
The Time Machine Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The Eloi are lazy, unable to speak a proper language, and live in ruined buildings. The Eloi can speak several languages and live in homes built on trees and the sides of cliffs.
   The Morlocks are intelligent and are not shown to have a leader. The Morlocks are crudely skilled by themselves, but are led by a more intelligent Morlock called the Über-Morlock.
   The Time Traveller goes directly to the age of the Eloi and the Morlocks. Dr. Hartdegen visits earlier futuristic eras first, attempting to find information about time travel research.
   The Time Traveller finds the Sphinx immediately upon arriving in the future, later inferring that it leads into the Morlocks' lair. Dr. Hartdegen is shown the way to the Sphinx by a holographic AI from an earlier era.
   Takes place in Richmond, Surrey, England. Takes place in New York City
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