What's the Difference between The Running Man the Book and The Running Man the Movie?

Science Fiction

The Running Man

Released: 1982
Author: Stephen King

The Running Man

Released: 1987
Director: Paul Michael Glaser
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In the Book In the Movie
Ben Richards
Ben Richards
Portrayed by: Arnold Schwartzeneger
The Running Man Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The story takes place in 2025. The year is 2019.
   Participants in the game can go anywhere in the world. The story focuses on the Northeast coast of the US. They are limited to California.
   Ben enters the game as a way to make money for his daughter who is sick. Ben is a convicted felon an is forced to participate under the threat that two of his friends will be sent in his place if he doesn't.
   Players earn money for every hour they stay alive over a period of thirty days. Players are trying to win their freedom as they are convicted criminals.
   Ben must video tape him self twice daily and send them to the Games network. All the action is filmed on a soundstage in California, and Ben doesn't have to do it.
   Dan Killian is the Producer of the show. The Host of the show is named Damon Killian, and he is not the producer.
   The villian, Dan Killian is a black man. Richard Dawson, a white man is the villian.
   The players are pursued by Hunters. They are called Stalkers.
   The hunters are law enforcement officers and don't wear costumes. The Stalkers wear crazy costumes and have fantastic nicknames.
   Richards takes control of a plane and crashes it into the Games Building in New York, killing everyone involved with the show. Richards puts Killian on board a rocket sled that is fired into the gamezone and crashes into a billboard and explodes.
   Richards dies during his suicide attack. Richards lives and gets the girl.
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