What's the Difference between The Revenant the Book and The Revenant the Movie?


The Revenant

Released: 2010
Author: Punke, Michael

The Revenant

Released: 2015
Director: González Iñárritu, Alejandro
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The Revenant Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   In the book he knows the bear is coming for him and he waits till the last moment to shoot so he won't miss. Hits the bear in the heart and the bear dies on top of him after getting some licks in. In the trailer he appears to be surprised by the bear and attempts to run away dropping his rifle. Gets mauled and somehow finds his rifle and shoot the bear. Big difference. A mountain man like himself would not try to out run a Grizzly.
   In the book, Hugh Glass is wanting revenge on those who abandoned him and robbed him of his essentials, which is the center of the plot's conflict. Based on this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRfj1VCg16Y) trailer, it seems that Hugh Glass has a half Arikara son, who is the center of the plot's conflict.
   Hugh Glass does not get to kill Fitzgerald as he enrolls in the army thus Hugh begins trapping again and gets killed by a group of about 30 Indians. Fitzgerald knows Hugh is coming for him and runs away from the fort so Hugh hunts him down and fights him to near death and then sends him down a river to some Indians which scalp him.
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