What's the Difference between The Queen's Gambit the Book and The Queen's Gambit the TV Show?


The Queen's Gambit

Released: 1983
Author: Walter Tevis

The Queen's Gambit

Released: 2020
Creator: Scott Frank
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In the Book In the TV Show
Beth Harmon
Beth Harmon
Portrayed by: Anya Taylor-Joy
Benny Watts
Benny Watts
Portrayed by: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
William Shaibel
William Shaibel
Portrayed by: Bill Camp
Harry Beltik
Harry Beltik
Portrayed by: Harry Melling
Alma Wheatley
Alma Wheatley
Portrayed by: Marielle Heller
Kentucky tournament officials
Matt and Mike
Portrayed by: Matthew and Russel Lewis
Jolene DeWitt
Portrayed by: Moses Ingram
Un-named tournament officials
Matt and Mike
Portrayed by: Matthew and Russell Louis
The Queen's Gambit Book vs TV Show
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In the Book In the TV Show
   Beth loses to Borgov twice and Benny once. She also loses or draws at tournaments on occasion, but does well most of the time and earns a decent living for herself and her adoptive mother. She also lost a game before withdrawing from the Kentucky state championship two years after winning it the first time. Beth is shown losing once to Benny and twice to Borgov; she is not shown losing any other games. Overall there are few details on her development as a chess player after her 1st Kentucky State Championship win other than practicing with Harry and Benny
   When finishing her game with Luchenko after their adjournment the previous day, Beth notices that Luchenko is exhausted and completely rumpled in appearance. Luchenko looks tired, but smiles with relief when he resigns the game.
   After defeating Borgov at the Russian invitational tournament, Beth plans on playing Borgov for the world championship in about two years. She thinks she will win. No details on her future plans.
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