What's the Difference between The Queen's Gambit the Book and The Queen's Gambit the TV Show?


The Queen's Gambit

Released: 1983
Author: Walter Tevis

The Queen's Gambit

Released: 2020
Creator: Scott Frank
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In the Book In the TV Show
Beth Harmon
Beth Harmon
Portrayed by: Anya Taylor-Joy
Benny Watts
Benny Watts
Portrayed by: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
William Shaibel
William Shaibel
Portrayed by: Bill Camp
Harry Beltik
Harry Beltik
Portrayed by: Harry Melling
Alma Wheatley
Alma Wheatley
Portrayed by: Marielle Heller
Kentucky tournament officials
Matt and Mike
Portrayed by: Matthew and Russel Lewis
Jolene DeWitt
Portrayed by: Moses Ingram
Un-named tournament officials
Matt and Mike
Portrayed by: Matthew and Russell Louis
The Queen's Gambit Book vs TV Show
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the TV Show
   Beth drinks 3 beers in the Vegas hotel room with her mom, she gets sick and throws up in the toilet. The beer affects her like the pills she takes, but faster. Beth's mom lets her have a beer, she does not get sick.
   Beth's thoughts are depicted during the games as an inner monologue. Beth's thoughts are replaced by the comments of tournament officials and other people. This is done very effectively.
   Beth's adoptive mom has a piano, but is never depicted as playing it. She plays piano at home and at the hotel during one of Beth's tournaments.
   After Beth's mom dies, Beltik lives with Beth in her house for a while to teach her better chess. He moves out after several weeks and does not see or talk to Beth after he leaves. Harry Beltik continues to be associated with Beth periodically throughout the series.
   Beth joins Benny in his New York City apartment where they study chess and she learns much. Benny plays backgammon and poker with others for money; his winnings help pay the rent on his apartment. Beth studies chess with Benny in NYC. Benny does not play poker.
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