What's the Difference between The Other Boleyn Girl (book) the Book and The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) the Movie?


The Other Boleyn Girl (book)

Released: 2002
Author: Philippa Gregory

The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

Released: 2008
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The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) Book vs Movie
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   In the beginning, Mary Boleyn witnesses the execution of a man convicted of treason. Before he is executed, she believes that the king will come at the last minute and pardon him, but he doesn't. Doesn't happen
   Anne arrives home from France and Mary is already married to William Carey. Anne and George help Mary prepare to seduce the king. The movie opens when Mary and William get married, and Anne is there as well as their brother, George. It is Anne who is first chosen to be a mistress for King Henry.
   This does not happen. While hunting, Anne leads King Henry down a steep hill and the king falls and hurts himself. He then falls for Mary while she is taking care of him. Anne is jealous.
   Henry does not rape anyone. Henry rapes Anne after a fight.
   Anne and Mary's mother is just as calculating and mean as Thomas Boleyn and Uncle Norfolk. Anne and Mary's mother is against the plans of her husband and brother and slaps her husband at the end of the film.
   It is implied that Anne and George had sex in order to impregnate her since the king stopped sleeping with her. Anne tells Mary that she went to hell and back for this baby. The baby is born deformed. Anne and George almost have sex but they cannot go through with it. Jane Parker sees this and goes to tell the King what happened.
   Mary witnesses Anne's execution. Anne thinks she will be pardoned and sent to a nunnery. When the king does not show up, Anne is beheaded. After begging for her sister's life, Henry assures Mary that Anne will be pardoned. Mary tells this to Anne. However, at the execution, the king's men bring a note to Mary written by the king saying that there will be no reprieve for Anne and that Mary is banished from Court. Anne dies crying while Mary looks on with shock.
   This does not happen. Angry at being betrayed, Mary takes Elizabeth to her home to raise her along with her two children.
   The Boleyns assign George to introduce Anne to the king while Mary is in confinement. Henry develops an interest in Anne. Henry develops an interest in Anne only after hearing her entertaining the men at court, which leads him to want her attention.
   Anne forces Mary to lie to the king and say there was nothing between her and Henry Percy. Mary lies to the king for Anne as a peace offering.
   Anne adopts Mary's son to ensure she has a male heir to the throne. Doesn't happen.
   It is implied that George is a homosexual and may have had an affair with Mark Smeaton. Neither Mark Smeaton nor the other men convicted with George are present in the movie.
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