What's the Difference between The Leftovers the Book and The Leftovers the TV Show?


The Leftovers

Released: 2011
Author: Tom Perrotta

The Leftovers

Released: 2014
Creator: Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta
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In the Book In the TV Show
Kevin Garvey
Kevin Garvey
Portrayed by: Justin Theroux
The Leftovers Book vs TV Show
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In the Book In the TV Show
   Kevin Garvey is a business man. He later becomes the Mayor of Mapleton. He is the Chief of Police in Mapleton.
   Jill's head is shaved. She has long hair.
   Kevin Garvey is the Mayor. The mayor is a black woman named Lucy Warburton.
   At the 3 year memorial parade for the people who left during the sudden departure, The Guilty Remnant held up signs telling the people not to waste their breath. Then they left unharmed. After holding up the signs, the townspeople attack the cult members and beat many of them up.
   Kevin wants Jill and Aimee to come to the memorial parade with him. They refuse and end up sleeping in at home. Jill is up all night at a party and then goes to the parade after her father pleaded with her not to go.
   A man who lives outside his burned out house in a tent loses his mind and ends up shooting a couple of dogs. Kevin sees a man shoot a dog right in front of him and then joins him later to shoot a pack of dogs in the street.
   Jill loses her virginity during a game of spin the bottle. She plays a game like spin the bottle with a phone that suggests an activity with an app. She then chokes a guy while he masturbates.
   The Frost twins have dreadlocks. Their hair is very short.
   The Frost twins invite Jill and Aimee to play ping pong and take some Vicodin. They ask if they want to smoke some weed, but the girls already have some.
   Aimee went with the twins but Jill didn't. Neither of the girls went with them.
   Christine shows up at Tom's house and informs him he is to be her new babysitter. Tom flirts with Christine and brings her candy at Wayne's compound. Wayne then tells him he must take care of her.
   Holy Wayne is arrested during a peaceful raid. The agents come in and shoot a lot of people at the compound and Wayne escapes.
   Holy Wayne was busted when his 6th wife Anna left him and exposed him on 60 Minutes. The bust doesn't include the reason why.
   Father Matt is married with three kids. He has no kids.
   Father Matt's wife is healthy. She was in a car accident and is in a vegetative state.
   Father Matt and Nora are not related. They are brother and sister.
   On Christmas Day Laurie and Meg went to Meg's fiance's house. They didn't.
   On Christmas Day Laurie and Meg went to Kevin's house. Kevin gave Laurie, Jill's present. On another day during Christmas, Laurie came with Meg to deliver the divorce papers and Jill came in and gave her Mom the present.
   On Valentines day, Laurie gave Kevin the divorce papers after a failed date with Nora outside of a restaurant. She went to Kevin's house with Meg and gave him the papers.
   The GR told Laurie to divorce Kevin so she could donate the 50% of their money. Laurie decided on her own.
   Jill gave Laurie a Bic lighter with Don't forget me written with a sharpie for Christmas. She gave her a Zippo lighter that was engraved with Don't forget me.
   Laurie threw the lighter gift down the sewer where she heard it hit the water and never returned for it. She dropped it down the sewer and later returned to get it out.
   Laurie and Meg are allowed to speak to each other nightly to review Meg's feelings. Laurie is never allowed to speak at all.
   During some meetings, the members of the GR are able to speak. Patti seems to be the only one who can talk and it isn't during meetings.
   Kevin's father isn't in the book. His father was the former Chief of Police who lost his mind and is in a mental institute.
   During the dance where Nora and Kevin meet at the lockers, the woman who had an affair with Nora's husband comes to talk to her to apologize. The woman doesn't come.
   Nora doesn't have a gun. Nora has a gun in her purse.
   A male member of the Guilty Remnant was shot execution style. A female was killed by being stoned to death.
   A soldier was insulting Tom and Christine on the bus. Christine and the Soldier were having a pleasant conversation and Tom was sleeping on the bus.
   Father Matt doesn't preach at the church any more. He is shown having service there before he lost the church.
   This doesn't happen. The Guilty Remnant buy Father Matt's church.
   Christine is not assaulted and doesn't go to the hospital. A man hits Christine and she has to go to the hospital to check on the baby.
   Tom doesn't have a cell phone. Holy Wayne gives him a cell phone.
   Nora has no job. She works for an insurance company that gives payments for the departed.
   Nora calls Kevin and asks if he wants to go to Florida with her tomorrow, and he says two days would be better and then goes with her. Nora runs in to Kevin while getting a divorce from her departed husband, and he is getting one from Laurie. She asks if he wants to go to Miami with her and he says he has his daughter and she says, "Fuck your daughter" and he doesn't go with her.
   Holy Wayne is arrested and never appears again. Holy Wayne is on the run and helps Nora feel better in New York.
   Tom is hugged by Holy Wayne at a church gathering when Holy Wayne tells the story of losing his son. Wayne offers Tom a hug but he refuses it.
   Nora doesn't get a divorce from her husband. She gets a divorce.
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