What's the Difference between The Host the Book and The Host the Movie?

Science Fiction

The Host

Released: 2008
Author: Stephanie Meyer

The Host

Released: 2013
Director: Andrew Niccol
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In the Book In the Movie
Melanie Stryder
Melanie Stryder
Portrayed by: Saoirse Ronan
The Host Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Wanda willingly heads to Arizona to see Healer Fords after discussing her options with the Comforter. On the way there, Wanda is shown, little by little, memories of Jared. Then once she sees Picacho Peak, Melanie remembers Uncle Jeb's plan for a hideout, and Wanda agrees to go walking thru the desert. Wanda uncontrollably attacks the Seeker and is being guarded by Seekers until the scheduled reimplementation into another host without Wanda's consideration. Then Melanie takes control and convinces Wanda to escape and start driving in the wrong direction. Melanie also causes a car crash.
   Just before being caught, Melanie was to headed to Chicago, without Jared and Jamie, to find her cousin Sharon. When the Seekers come for her, she jumps down an elevator shaft. Melanie and Jamie are in an abandoned hotel, while Jared is out looking for supplies. Seekers come, Melanie leads them away from Jamie, and she jumps out a window.
   Jamie cuts his leg while on a raid, after he fell on a knife. Jamie cuts his leg while working in the field, and is never seen going on any raids.
   Aaron and Brandt are alive at the end of the book. Aaron and Barndt intentionally crash their jeep into a concrete barrier to kill themselves and prevent the seekers from catching them on the first group raid shown in the movie.
   Wanda comforts Walter while he is dying from cancer. Walter does not appear in the movie.
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