What's the Difference between The Firm the Book and The Firm the Movie?


The Firm

Released: 1988
Author: Grisham, John

The Firm

Released: 1993
Director: Pollack, Sydney
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In the Book In the Movie
Mitch McDeere
Mitch McDeere
Portrayed by: Tom Cruise
Abby McDeere
Abby McDeere
Portrayed by: Jeanne Tripplehorn
Avery Tolleson
Avery Tolar
Portrayed by: Gene Hackman
Tammy Hemphill
Tammy Hemphill
Portrayed by: Holly Hunter
Wayne Tarrance
Wayne Tarrance
Portrayed by: Ed Harris
Thomas Abanks
Thomas Abanks
Portrayed by: Sullivan Walker
The Firm Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Mitch breaks client-attorney privilege by revealing client secrets to the FBI so that the Firm lawyers and the mob criminals will be arrested. He also videotapes a deposition and steals/copies documents to further incriminate the Firm and the Mob. Mitch protects the Mob by keeping their secrets. The mob boss signs a paper giving Mitch permission to use their files to expose the Firm's mail fraud after he reveals that he has copies of all of the Mob's dealings with the Firm.
   Mitch steals millions of dollars from the Firm and their Mob clients and gives some to his in-laws, and Tammy. Mitch, Ray and Abby buy a sailboat and escape into the Cayman Islands to hide forever. Mitch and Abby return to Boston. They don't steal any of the Mob's money.
   Mitch cheats on his wife with a black prostitute on the Cayman Islands while on a business trip with Avery Tolar. The Firm takes photos of him and threatens to give them to his wife. He does not tell Abby. Mitch cheats on his wife with a white woman on the beach. He is blackmailed by the Firm with the photos and later tells his wife about his cheating.
   Mitch and Abby stop having sex for the most part after they find out their house might be bugged. They finally "break the bed" in the Caymans while they are plotting the downfall of the Firm. This does not happen. They are driven apart by Mitch's infidelity.
   The Firm plans on replacing Abby's birth control pills with placebos so that she gets pregnant and help trap Mitch at the Firm. They do not plan to do this.
   Tammy drugs Tolleson and "sleeps" with him. She steals files from his room while he is asleep and in the morning convinces him that they had sex the last night. Firm hit men later find Tolleson hiding in a girlfriend's apartment. They make his death look like a burglary gone wrong. Abby sleeps with Avery Tolar. After doing so he realizes that the Firm hit men are coming for him and tells Abby to run away. It is implied that Tolar is murdered by the Firm.
   Abby drugs Tolar. Tammy drugs Tolar.
   Abby and Mitch wind up "on the run" forever. They "get their lives back".
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