What's the Difference between The Book Thief the Book and The Book Thief the Movie?


The Book Thief

Released: 2006
Author: Markus Zusak

The Book Thief

Released: 2013
Director: Brian Percival
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In the Book In the Movie
Hans Hubermann
Hans Hubermann
Portrayed by: Geoffrey Rush
Hans Junior (Hans and Rosa Hubermans son)
This Character does not appear.
Frau Holzapfel
This Character does not appear.
Victor Chemell
This Character does not appear.
Arthur Berg
This Character does not appear.
Portrayed by: Old greg
Awhora is a dora
This Character does not appear.
The Book Thief Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Liesel gets angry and throws a book at Ilsa when she is told she won't be delivering the laundry anymore. She doesn't get angry at her.
   After Hans is seen giving some bread to a Jew, they are both whipped by a Nazi officer. There is no violence, but Hans must tell the officer his name and he is wracked with worry about what will happen because of his actions.
   Hans is conscripted to the army and leaves first. Rudy's father is conscripted after they turn down the request for Rudy to join the elite forces but leaves a few days later. Rudy's father goes first, no reason given and Rudy is told that he will be joining the elite force when he is older.
   Death, the narrator, describes the souls he collects from Mauthausen Concentration Camp. This is omitted from the book.
   While Liesel is getting the book, The Grave Diggers Handbook, She is Dragged away. In the movie, she walks silently away, no crying happens.
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I thought the characters on Himmel street were dirt poor? The movie says differently.
11 Aug 2017 Anonymous

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