What's the Difference between The 5th Wave the Book and The 5th Wave the Movie?


The 5th Wave

Released: 2011
Author: Yancey, Rick

The 5th Wave

Released: 2016
Director: Blakeson, J
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In the Book In the Movie
Ben Parrish
Ben Parrish
Reznik (Male)
Reznik (Female)
Portrayed by: Maria Bello
Sonic the Hedgehog
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Portrayed by: The GOAT
The 5th Wave Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Cassie was put into the room where you are faced with an infested kid because the alarms went off and Vosch put her in there Cassie was never in the room where you are faced with an infested kid
   Cassie found her rifle in the shed while Evan was out "hunting" in the book. Cassie found her hand gun in the floor boards of Evan bedroom while he was chopping wood.
   Evan kills 4 kids in the woods while with Cassie. Evan fights with the Others in a fight scene right after the kiss scene had happened
   Sammy's bear was described as old and battered and chewed up from when he was little The bear was always in good shape.
   In the book the story in which the waves happened out of sequence and was just mentioned when the time came. In the movie the waves happened in an ordered time sequence.
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