What's the Difference between Skins UK the TV Show Original and skins US the TV Show ReMake ?


Skins UK

Released: 2007
Creator: Bryan Elsley/Jaimie Brittain

skins US

Released: 2011
Creator: Scott smith/samir rehem
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In the TV Show In the TV Show
Portrayed by: Nicholas Hoult
Portrayed by: James Newman
Portrayed by: April Pearson
Portrayed by: Rachel thevenard
Portrayed by: Joe dempsie
Portrayed by: Jessie carere
Portrayed by: Mitch Hewer
Portrayed by: Sofia Black D'Elia
Portrayed by: Larissa Wilson
Portrayed by: Camille Cresencia-Mills
Portrayed by: Mike Bailey
Portrayed by: Daniel Flaherty
Portrayed by: Hannah Murray
Portrayed by: Britne Oldford
Portrayed by: Siwan Morris
Portrayed by: Anastasia Phillips
Portrayed by: Kaya Scodelario
Portrayed by: Eleanor Zichy
skins US TV Show vs TV Show
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In the TV Show In the TV Show
   UK: effys hair is brown US: Eura hair is blond
   UK: two of the main charicters names are Tony and effy stonem US: their names are tony and Eura Snyder
   UK: (This does not happen to Angie) US: Tina gets labeled a sex offender after she has sex with Chris and gets arrested and leaves by the state of law.
   UK: when they take Cassie to the hospital and realizes she's okay they calm down sitting in the car they sit in the car while (anwar goes pee) US: this also happens to them except cadie steps out to go pee
   UK: Sid and tony talk, drink and smoke in the dinner US:Stanley and tony are at the high school not drinking or smoking there and Tony takes some of Stanley's lunch
   UK: Cassie and Sid are at a party that lasts all night until morning as they are jumping on the trampling in the day US: the party does last until morning but they jump during the night
   UK: jal's dad and his body gaurds took the drug dealer that was after Sid US: tea's dad and his Friends are the people that take the drug dealer that was going to find Stanley
   UK: (there is only sun outside) US: there is sun out here and there through out the show but there is snow but not thick snow
   UK: Cassie has food disorder US: Cadie has depression
   UK: Angie does not have her own episode but is most times shown when it comes to Chris UK: Tina has her own episode
   UK: Michelle has brown long hair US : Michelle has short but not very short orange hair
   skins UK: only had 3 generations Generation 1 season 1-2 Generation 2 season 3-4 Generation 3 seasons 4-5 Season 7 is focusing on three characters effy, Cassie and cook (FIRE,PURE,RISE) Skins US only had one season due to the fact that it was considered child pornography for the relationship between Tina and Chris and including that there was not a lot of viewers
   UK: jal plays the Clarenette US:daisy plays the trumpet
   UK: the music in the show are regular music you would hear In your car.However the DVDs release and Netflix both have some of the regular music but most of it is not so good music Hint: watch skins Uk episodes on YouTube with the ones that say e4 on the top left corner the ones without it is different music. e4=good music no e4 logo=bad music also some of the characters say differ stuff do to copy right US: all of the the music sounds indie or most of the music
   UK: Tony's bed is both naked body's of a man and a women on his blanket US: Tony's blanket has a spider looking print on it
   UK: Chris's last name is miles US: chris's last name is Collins
   UK: Michelle hits Tony for for kissing Maxxie when she was sleeping with one of her eyes opened a little US: she hits Tony for giving her STD when Tony had sex with tea
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