What's the Difference between Pride and Prejudice the Book and Pride and Prejudice the Movie?


Pride and Prejudice

Released: 1813
Author: Jane Austin

Pride and Prejudice

Released: 2005
Director: Joe Wright
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In the Book In the Movie
Elizabeth Bennet
Elizabeth Bennet
Portrayed by: Keira Knightley
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy
Portrayed by: Matthew Macfadyen
Caroline Bingley
Caroline Bingley
Portrayed by: Kelly Reilly
Charles Bingley
Charles Bingley
Portrayed by: Simon Woods
Mary Bennet
Mary Bennet
Portrayed by: Talulah Riley
Jane Bennet
Jane Bennet
Portrayed by: Rosamund Pike
Lydia Bennet
Lydia Bennet
Portrayed by: Jena Malone
Kitty Bennet
Kitty Bennet
Portrayed by: Carey Mulligan
Mr. Collins
Mr. Collins
Portrayed by: Tom Hollander
Lady Catherine de Bourg
Lady Catherine de Bourg
Portrayed by: Judy Dench
Pride and Prejudice Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   The story takes place in 1813, when the novel was first published. The time frame is the late 18th century.
   Elizabeth is a sweet mannered, intelligent girl with good humor. She is often rude and ill tempered.
   Jane and Elizabeth are open and share all the details of their lives. They keep secrets from each other.
   This never happened. Elizabeth caught Mr. Darcy's eye during the first ball and indicated that they was an attraction between them.
   Elizabeth Mr. Darcy outdoors when the gardener was showing around the garden in Pemberley. A servant told Elizabeth, her aunt and her uncle that Mr. Darcy was not at home and he would come the following day. Elizabeth met Mr. Darcy and his sister the same day in the house.
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There's a typo in the author's name, it says Austin while the book cover says Austen.
02 Mar 2015 Anonymous
Wow, I can tell the persons who wrote this was biased.. And in the movie Lizzie does play the piano for Lady Catherine.
18 Feb 2015 Anonymous
04 Jan 2015 Anonymous
ooooh burn omg ouch howd that feel teacher
01 Dec 2014 Anonymous
Coming from a high school teacher. I'm sure you were never lazy in yourlifetmie
29 Oct 2014 Anonymous
Thanks 16 Dec anonymous- a bunch of my students used your idea practically verbatim- ignoring fact that Darcy and Lizzie were recently married and rich people in love can wear anything they want on the porch of their estate. I can't stand the laziness these websites promote.
24 Sep 2014 Anonymous
Mr. Reno's MVCS Class 2014
10 Apr 2014 Anonymous
I like pie
23 Mar 2014 Anonymous
There is also a big difference in the ending; Elizabeth met Darcy outdoor and she was wearing her night garment. At that time people couldn't really go out with their night clothes.
16 Dec 2013 Anonymous

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