What's the Difference between Orange Is the New Black the Book and Orange Is the New Black the TV Show?


Orange Is the New Black

Released: 2010
Author: Piper Kerman

Orange Is the New Black

Released: 2013
Creator: Jenji Kohan
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In the Book In the TV Show
Piper Kerman
Piper Chapman
Portrayed by: Taylor Schilling
Alex Vause
Portrayed by: Laura Prepon
Orange Is the New Black Book vs TV Show
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In the Book In the TV Show
   Piper's last name is Kerman. Her last name is Chapman.
   Piper's criminal girlfriend is named Nora. Her name is Alex.
   Piper and Nora were not sent to the same prison. Piper and Alex are in the same prison.
   Piper does not engage in any romantic relationships while in jail. She rekindles her relationship with her ex Alex.
   Piper was working as a creative directory for the web entities of large corporations prior to being sent to prison. She was working with her friend making bath products before being locked away.
   Piper was welcomed and helped by other white inmates. She is in constant battles with other inmates.
   Piper insults the food of Pop in the cafeteria and is given a reprimand by her. After insulting the food, Red serves Piper a meal consisting of a bloody tampon, and later keeps her from getting any food before she makes ammends.
   The inmate in charge of the kitchen is named Pop. Her name is Red.
   Piper's fiance, Larry is supportive of her while she is in prison. Larry and his family want to distance themselves from Piper.
   Larry writes an essay about Piper named "Modern Love" that she finds very sweet. Larry writes an article in the New York Times about her and does a radio interview that drives a wedge between them.
   Piper is greeted by a friend named Billy when she gets the bag of drug money in Brussels. Alex is waiting for her.
   Piper's girlfriend Nora is short. Alex is 5'10".
   Nora is about 10 years older than Piper. Piper and Alex are about the same age.
   Nora wanted Piper to smuggle drugs, but they never showed up and Piper didn't do it. There is never any discussion of drug smuggling.
   Piper hires a lawyer on the recommendation of a friend who is a lawyer. Larry's dad is Piper's lawyer.
   Piper waits 5 years after being indicted to get sentenced. She tells Larry's family about it only a short time before she goes to prison.
   Piper and Larry have a going away party before she goes to prison out at a bar with friends. Larry and Piper barbeque a pig with Pete and Polly before she goes to jail.
   Piper removes many rings and earrings and gives them to Larry before surrendering. She is only wearing her engagement ring.
   Larry is told to send Piper's prison account cheque to Georgia. He has to send it to Iowa.
   Larry is waiting with Piper when the guard arrives and is told to leave before Piper can be taken into the prison. Larry is sent outside to put away his iPhone and the guard arrives to take Piper and she pleads for her to wait until Larry returns.
   Piper was alone when she found out she was being indicted, and went down to Larry's office to tell him. Larry says during his radio interview that he and Piper were together in bed when the feds came to tell her about it.
   This didn't happen. Piper is attacked by Pennsatucky, and she fights back and beats her face to a bloody pulp.
   The drug lord gets arrested in london two months after piper goes to jail He doesn't go to prison at all.
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