What's the Difference between My Cousin Rachel the Book and My Cousin Rachel the Movie?


My Cousin Rachel

Released: 2012
Author: Du Maurier, Daphne

My Cousin Rachel

Released: 2017
Director: Michell, Roger
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My Cousin Rachel Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   It is stated that while Ambrose and Phillip lived in the house, it was never cleaned, it was a dirty house full of nice things and they didn’t have cleaning staff. On the report that Rachel is on her way to Cornwall, Phillip decides to have the house cleaned for her arrival. He has his male servants clean for him. The house isn’t dirty until Phillip has returned to Cornwall following Ambrose’s death and has fallen into depression. He has no intention of cleaning for Rachel. Louise helps Phillip clean the house after he shows her the dusty room with torn,moth eaten curtains that he intends Rachel to stay in.
   Reinaldi and Rachel spend a lot of time together, they’re never caught in the act but there is implication they are romantically or sexually involved. Phillip admits his jealousy to Rachel after he discovers she has been sneaking off to visit him in town. Despite his suspicions and jealousy, he insists Rachel have Reinaldi stay at the Ashley house as he doesn’t want her galavanting off to town to see him. Phillip suspects Rachel and Reinaldi are having an affair after he sees them in town together. Near the end of the film as he and Louise are snooping through the personal letters belonging to Rachel, Louise tells Phillip that it seems Reinaldi is more “Greek” than Italian, that he “likes boys”.
   Phillip admits he and Ambrose really do very littlle around the estate and are men of leisure : it’s suggested that other than the financial side of things, Phillip has no real involvement in the running of things, that he sits about and doesn’t really involve himself with the staff. Phillip is very hands on with the running of the estate, he is seen helping cut down wheat, feeding the horses, doing general tasks and organising wages. He laughs and drinks with his men, showing a much harder work ethic than a typical lord.
   Phillip finds Rachel driving a carriage on the afternoon of his birthday, he wants her to stop and pullover so he can kiss her, but she doesn’t. Phillip finds Rachel walking on the afternoon of his birthday, he takes her to a meadow and he makes love to her briefly while Rachel looks uncomfortable
   Before he goes to Florence for the final time, Ambrose gives Phillip an ominous talk about how Phillip needs to be in Cornwall to run things in his stead. Ambrose seems somber and makes a very vague reference that might suggest he knew he was more ill than he let Phillip know. There was no discussion prior to Ambrose leaving. We never hear any dialogue from Ambrose at all.
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