What's the Difference between Midnight Express the Book and Midnight Express the Movie?


Midnight Express

Released: 1977
Author: Billy Hayes William Hoffer

Midnight Express

Released: 1978
Director: Alan Parker
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In the Book In the Movie
Billy Hayes
Billy Hayes
Portrayed by: Brad Davis
Midnight Express Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Billy was alone in Turkey when he is arrested. Billy is on vacation with his girlfrend Susan when he is arrested.
   While Billy engaged in consensual sex with other prisoners. He does not and declines the invitation from another prisoner.
   This doesn't occur. Hamidou, the warden beats Billy and attempts to rape him.
   While being transfered to the police station Billy attempted to exit the car at a red light and Tex pulled a gun on him forcing him to remain in the car. Billy escapes and is chased and captured by Tex at gunpoint.
   While under interrogation, a Turkish policeman translated for Billy. Tex, the American, provides the translation for Billy.
   Billy spent 17 days in the prison's psychiatric hospital. He was not sent there because of a violent outburst. Billy snaps and beats Rifki and bites his tongue out of his mouth. Because of this attack he is sent to a section for the Criminally Insane.
   Billy was moved to an island prison from which he escaped. He escaped from Sagmalcilar prison where he had been all along.
   This didn't happen. Billy accidently kills Hamidou while he is attempting to rape him.
   Billy escaped the island prison by swimming accross the water to his freedom. Billy took the uniform of the dead warden and walked out the front gate of the prison.
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