What's the Difference between Madame Doubtfire the Book and Mrs. Doubtfire the Movie?


Madame Doubtfire

Released: 1987
Author: Anne Fine

Mrs. Doubtfire

Released: 1993
Director: Chris Columbus
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In the Book In the Movie
Daniel Hillard/Madame Doubtfire
Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire
Portrayed by: Robin Williams
Miranda Hillard
Miranda Hillard
Portrayed by: Sally Field
Mrs. Doubtfire Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Miranda does go on dates during the novel one is with a man called Sam, and the children also mention a Mr Lennox, who brings her chocolates. However, she does not have a steady boyfriend. She has a boyfriend called Stuart who clashes frequently with Daniel and goes to the restaurant with the family.
   Daniel does not wear a prosthetic face mask, just heavy make-up and perfume, and a heavy turban to disguise his hair. Daniel wears a prosthetic face mask to disguise his real face.
   Christopher has a pet Quail named Hetty. Hetty is a quail, who lives in a cage in Daniel's house. However, when Miranda comes to collect the children, she insists on taking Hetty to her house, since the cat killed Christopher's hamsters. Hetty dies at the end of the book, and Miranda asks Daniel to break the news to Christopher, as she knows he's better at doing this sort of thing than she is. This was left out in the film
   Miranda finds out Mrs Doubtfire is Daniel She notices he is wearing the same foundation and perfume as Madame Doubtfire. Your Answer: She notices he is wearing the same foundation and perfume as Madame Doubtfire In a hurry to get changed, Daniel leaves his 'Madame Doubtfire' outfit in Miranda's bedroom. Daniel runs out of the art class in a panic after seeing that Miranda is home, only to bump into Miranda carrying Madame Doubtfire's turban. She smells the lavender water Madame Doubtfire uses, notices Daniel still has some foundation on, and puts two and two together. Miranda finds out Mrs Doubtfire is Daniel at the restaurant when he helps Stuart who is choking and his face mask falls off revealing himself.
   After the revelation, Daniel starts working for Miranda as a gardener.as Madame Doubtfire, Daniel takes care of Miranda's plants, and Miranda is impressed at how well the plants are doing. A keen gardener, he also gives the next-door neighbour gardening advice and despairs at the state of her garden. Although Miranda does not want Madame Doubtfire coming back, she offers to pay Daniel to do her gardening and look after the plants in the house. Daniel happily accepts, as it means he gets to see the children if he works in late afternoons. Daniel gets a job as a children's TV Presenter as Mrs. Doubtfire and it becomes a success. After watching him on TV, Daniel and Miranda sort out their differences and Miranda then arranges joint custody, allowing Daniel as himself to take the children after school as their new babysitter.
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