What's the Difference between La Jetée the Movie Original and 12 Monkeys the Movie ReMake ?

Science Fiction

La Jetée

Released: 1962
Director: Chris Marker

12 Monkeys

Released: 1995
Director: Terry Gilliam
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In the Movie In the Movie
The Man
Portrayed by: Davos Hanich
James Cole
Portrayed by: Bruce Willis
The Woman
Portrayed by: Hélène Châtelain
Kathryn Railly
Portrayed by: Madeleine Stowe
12 Monkeys Movie vs Movie
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In the Movie In the Movie
   The film is set in a future where the surface of the world is rendered uninhabitable due to radiation from World War III, forcing surviving humans to live underground. Humans are forced into shelters to escape a deadly virus that has wiped out most of humanity, though the outside world is ruled by wild animals.
   The protagonist is used in an experiment to send him into different times, with his strong fixation on an image from his childhood being considered something that will make him more resistant to the shock of time travel. Cole is a convict selected for the experiment as an expendable volunteer. He has a similar memory, but his fellows have no knowledge of it.
   The causes of the war are not explored. The objective of the time travel experiments is to secure knowledge or resources which will help humanity's survival. The time travellers are tasked with gathering information about the "Army of the Twelve Monkeys", a terrorist group believed to be responsible for releasing the virus, and locating a pure sample of the pathogen to engineer a cure.
   The Man's first successful travel sends him into the pre-war period, where he spends several outings befriending the woman from his childhood memory, who comes to accept him as her 'ghost'. Cole is first mistakenly sent into 1990, 6 years before the outbreak of the virus, being interned in a mental hospital, then later brought back and sent to the correct date. He meets Dr. Kathryn Railly, who eventually becomes convinced of his nature as a time traveller and aids him in his efforts to locate the Twelve Monkeys.
   Eventually, the Man is sent into future, where he is given a power source that renders him of no further use in the eyes of his captors, who plan to execute him. He is rescued by the future dwellers, who offer to bring him to their time; however, he instead chooses to be sent back to the moment of his childhood memory to meet with the woman once more. As he approaches her, he is surprised by one of his jailers who says he is unable to escape fate before gunning him down, revealing he had witnessed his own death as a child. Cole and Railly finally learn that the Twelve Monkeys' plan was merely to release zoo animals in protest, and the true party responsible for the outbreak is Dr. Peters, an assistant of their leader's father and a radical apocalyptist. Cole tries to stop him at the airport but is gunned down by security, which is witnessed by his child self and revealed as the source of his memory. Peters briefly meets one of the scientists from the future on his plane.
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