What's the Difference between High Rise the Book and High-Rise the Movie?


High Rise

Released: 2010
Author: Ballard, J.G.


Released: 2015
Director: Wheatley, Ben
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Charlotte Melville
Charlotte Melville
Portrayed by: Sienna Miller
High-Rise Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
   In the book, she is only mentioned in a handful of scenes that serve to highlight the emotional detachment/apathy two of the main characters develop for human intimacy. In the book Liang interacts with Charlotte a few times, before one sexual encounter that is described from Laing's perspective, as the end rather than the beginning of any relationship. She drops out of the story until near the end when mentioned again a few times in Wilder's arc. Media releases have confirmed that the character played by Sienna Miller is now the devoted aide of Anthony Royal. According to the press, this Charlotte develops a relationship through the events of the story with Liang's character. Given Ms Miller's star status, and that the actual 'love interest' in Liang's arc wouldn't have played well with the film classification, I suppose the producers can be excused for exercising some creative license and elevating a minor character to a major role.
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