What's the Difference between Grease the Play and Grease the Movie?



Released: 1972
Playwrite: Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey


Released: 1978
Director: Randal Kleiser
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In the Play In the Movie
Danny Zuko
Danny Zuko
Portrayed by: John Travolta
Sandy Dumbrowski
Sandy Olsen
Portrayed by: Olivia Newton-John
Portrayed by: Jeff Conaway
Betty Rizzo
Betty Rizzo
Portrayed by: Stockard Channing
Portrayed by: Barry Pearl
Sonny LaTierri
Sonny LaTierri
Portrayed by: Michael Tucci
Portrayed by: Kelly Ward
Portrayed by: Didi Conn
Marty Maraschino
Marty Maraschino
Portrayed by: Dinah Manoff
Miss Lynch
Principal McGee
Portrayed by: Eve Arden
This Character does not appear.
Coach Calhoun
Portrayed by: Sid Caesar
Eugene Florsyck
Eugene Felsnick
Portrayed by: Eddie Deezen
Patty Simcox
Patty Simcox
Portrayed by: Susan Buckner
Cha-Cha Digregorio
Cha-Cha Digregorio
Portrayed by: Annette Charles
Teen Angel
Teen Angel
Portrayed by: Frankie Avalon
Vince Fontaine
Vince Fontaine
Portrayed by: Edd Byrnes
Johnny Casino
Johnny Casino & the Gamblers
Portrayed by: Sha-Na-Na
This Character does not appear.
Leo Balmudo
Portrayed by: Dennis C. Stewart
Betty Rizzo
Betty Rizzo
Portrayed by: Adrienne Barbeau
Grease Play vs Movie
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In the Play In the Movie
   The show starts at Rydell High, during the Alma Mater The film begins on the beach where Sandy and Danny spend the summer
   Sandy is American She is Australian
   This song is not in the show til the 2007 Revival an original song entitled "Grease" is played as a cartoon
   Danny and Sandy are reunited on the first day of school. they 're-meet at the school bonfire
   The Rydell colors are green and brown (green and gold in the 2007 Revival) The colors are red and white
   The Pink Ladies sleep over at Marty's they stay over at Frenchy's
   Marty sings a song called Freddy, My Love here all about her marine fiancee This song is removed
   It is Kenickie who sings Greased Lightnin' The song was given to Danny
   Danny tries out for the track team to impress Sandy Coach Calhoun has Danny try out Basketball, Wrestling and Baseball before doing Track
   Danny takes Rizzo to the dance, dances with Patty then ends up with Cha-Cha he takes Sandy and ends up with Cha-Cha
   Rizzo goes with Danny to the dance but ends up with Kenickie She goes with Leo
   The rivals are called the Flaming Dukes and are never seen they are called The Scorpion s and are seen a lot. The leader is Leo.
   The boys are called The Burger Palace Boys They're called The T-Birds
   This does not happen Putzie, Sonny and Doody moon the crowd at the dance
   Cha-Cha gets a dance with Eugene this does not happen
   At the drive-in, Sandy leaves Danny calmy She screams at him and throws his ring at him
   Danny's song is Alone At A Drive-In Movie his songs is Sandy (this song is added in the 2007 Revival though)
   Sandy sings a song with the radio called Its Raining on Prom Night this song is replaced with a solo for Sandy called Hopelessly Devoted to You (the song is added in the 2007 Revival though)
   This scene never takes place Danny races Leo in Greased Lightnin'
   There is no scene there is a graduation carnival
   This does not happen Danny tries to become a Jock to get Sandy back
   Sandy and Danny reunite with the song All Choked Up The song is replaced with You're the One That I Want (the song is added in the 2007 Revival though)
   Doody sings Those Magic Changes on his guitar The song is given to Johnny Casino and the Gamblers at the dance
   Sandy starts attending Rydell High instead of Immaculata Catholic high school because her father got into an argument with the Mother Superior about Sandy's patent leather shoes (boys could see up her dress). Sandy starts attending Rydell because her family decides to stay in the U.S. instead of going back to Australia.
   When Rizzo sings "There are worse things I could do" it is directed at Sandy. Rizzo sings "There are worse things I could do" in a different context with the last half of the song directed at Kenickie.
   Cha-Cha Digregorio is overweight, doesn't like the "crummy" dance decorations, and prides herself as a good dancer. She's also the girlfriend of a member of the unseen Flaming Dukes rival gang which is the cause of the rumble that never happens. Cha-Cha is a sexy ex-girlfriend of Danny's.
   Rizzo sings "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" with both boy and girl gang members present while they're hanging out in a park. It takes place after the girls' slumber party. Rizzo sings "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" during the girls' slumber party.
   A rumble is arranged with a rival gang that never shows up. A car race takes place with a rival gang.
   Sandy befriends and does a school project with Eugene. Instead of Eugene, Sandy briefly dates Tom Chisum, a character created for the movie.
   "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise)" sung by Sandy has 3 verses with dialogue after the 2nd verse when she makes a phone call to Frenchy. "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise)" sung by Sandy has only 2 verses with dialogue after the 1st verse when she speaks to Frenchy in person. The original 2nd verse is not included.
   The original Pink Lady jackets were black with pink lettering. The Pink Lady jackets are pink satin with black lettering.
   Sandy wears the distinctive '50's poodle skirt in her first scene. Patty Simcox wears the distinctive '50's poodle skirt in her first scene.
   The dialogue contains harsh, but not too frequent, cursing, such as "F-bombs" full s-o-b phrase, sh--, etc. Cursing is removed from dialog, such as Sonny's original "F-in A" became "Friggin A", Marty's full "son-of-a-bit--" became "oh, double doo-doo", etc.
   Marty's long-distance boyfriend is a Marine in Japan named Freddy. Marty's long-distance boyfriend is a Marine in Korea named Bobby.
   Song "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" original lyrics of lines 1 and 2 in the last verse are about Sal Mineo: "No no no, Sal Mineo/ I would never stoop so low" Song "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" lyrics of lines 1 and 2 in the last verse were changed to about Elvis Presley: "Elvis, Elvis, let me be/ Keep that pelvis far from me"
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