What's the Difference between Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close the Book and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close the Movie?


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Released: 2005
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Released: 2011
Director: Stephen Daldry
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In the Book In the Movie
Oskar Schell
Oskar Schell
Portrayed by: Thomas Horn
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   After meeting with William Black and finding out about the story of the key, Oskar leaves. When Oskar leaves he screams and runs away.
   Thomas lies to his wife and tells her that he is out of the building during a phone call, when she clearly knows he hasn't escaped. He doesn't lie but tries to assure her that he will get out safely.
   Oskar and his grandfather get Thomas Schell's coffin exhumed so they can bury all the unsent letters the grandfather never sent to his son in the coffin. They don't do this.
   Oskar is joined by a Mr. Black for several of his visits. Mr. Black gets him to take the subway and the ferry instead of walking everywhere. The Renter goes with Oskar and he convinces him to take the Subway because he is too old to walk everywhere.
   The "Renter", Oskar's grandfather followed Oskar on his trips without his knowledge to keep an eye on him. He went with him.
   Oskar figures out on his own that his mother has been helping in his search by contacting the Blacks on his list. He never finds out for sure. She tells him about contacting the Blacks and they talk specifically about some of them.
   Oskar tells his mother that he wished she had died instead of his father. She walks away silently. Oskar is yelling and having a fight with his mother when he tells her this.
   Oskar's grandma gives him the camera. Oskar's father gives him the camera.
   Oskar's mother has a special 'friend' named Ron. He has lost wife and daughter in a car accident and spends a lot of time at the Schell apartment. Ron isn't mentioned at all.
   Oskar has a cat called Buckminster. No mentioning of a cat.
   In the book he doesn't. Oscar gets dubble penetrated by his grandma with a dildo in his anus, and his grandpa's dick very deep in his mouth. Then they go to the retirement home to do a huge bukkake onto Oscar. Unfortunately, Oscar drowns in all of the semen.
   This doesn't happen. Oskar finds a hidden note from his father on a set of swings in Central Park. It was a final puzzle that he solved and gave him a feeling of resolution.
   Abby Black calls Oskar a while after his visit to let him know that her husband might know about the key. Oskar notices the phone number on the newspaper clipping his father had circled. The Black's phone number was on the other side and Oskar called and Abby answered and then told him about her husband knowing something about the key.
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04 Jan 2016 Anonymous
I was not expecting that!! Haha. Wow. i could have sworn that wasn't in the book
07 Sep 2015 Anonymous
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