What's the Difference between Dark Places the Book and Dark Places the Movie?


Dark Places

Released: 2010
Author: Flynn, Gillian

Dark Places

Released: 2015
Director: Paquet-Brenner, Gilles
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Dark Places Book vs Movie
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This Spoils the Ending
In the Book In the Movie
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There was also no focus on Libby's problem with stealing. They show one scene where she is a compulsive thief. This thread from the book translating to the movie could have been used to bolster the relationship between Lyle and Libby - who at the end of the book seemly become a couple.
03 Jan 2017 Anonymous
I need to go back and read the book to make certain I am correct... I believe in the book the focus was on the sister's journal. After Libby meets Polly and the child she becomes satisfied with the story told. They sit down for a bite before Libby is to leave but the daughter makes a statement that can only have come from the journal. They panic, knock her over the head and the rest is history. In the movie they focus on the cross which in my mind doesn't translate to a murder or even eviden
03 Jan 2017 Anonymous

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