What's the Difference between Cyrano de Bergerac the Play and Roxanne the Movie?

Romantic Comedy

Cyrano de Bergerac

Released: 1897
Playwrite: Edmond Rostand


Released: 1987
Director: Fred Schepisi
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In the Play In the Movie
Charlie "CD" Bales
Cyrano de Bergerac
Portrayed by: Steve Martin
Roxanne Kowalski
Portrayed by: Daryl Hannah
Christian de Neuvillette
Chris McConnell
Portrayed by: Rick Rossovich
Le Bret (Cyrano's servant)
Dixie (C.D.'s friend)
Portrayed by: Shelley Duvall
Viscount Valvert
Drunks #1, #2
Portrayed by: Ritch Shydner and Kevin Nealon
Count de Guiche
This Character does not appear.
Roxanne Play vs Movie
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In the Play In the Movie
   Cyrano meets Christian when the Cadets are teasing Christian while talking about their last battle. Christian boldly teases Cyrano about his big nose, Cyrano is angry, but does not respond in kind due to his promise to Roxane that he will protect Christian. When Chris eventually meets CD, he accidentally says something about CD's big nose. CD does not beat him up as he is reputed to do to anyone who mentions his nose; because he is in a good mood after meeting Roxanne.
   Christian has admired Roxane from afar and is in love with her. But he is not skilled in speaking or writing letters. Christian is a new Cadet reporting to the Same unit that Cyrano serves in. Chris encounters Roxanne at a bar, he is very attracted to her, but too shy to talk; he leaves the bar after she tries to introduce herself. Chris is a professional firefighter employed to train the town's unskilled firefighters.
   Roxane reveals to Cyrano that she is attracted to Christian; Cyrano is hurt but hides it from Roxane. She asks Cyrano to protect Christian from the other Cadets; he agrees Roxanne and CD talk, he is disappointed that Roxanne is attracted to Chris instead.
   Cyrano writes letters for Christian after he begs him to. Cyrano cues Christian to repeat his wooing lines to Roxane and eventually speak for him while under cover of darkness below Roxane's balcony. Cyrano woos Roxane so well that she invites Christian up for a kiss. Chris convinces CD to write Roxanne a letter that Chris will sign. He later gets CD to help Chris speak to her at night from under some trees while Roxanne looks out a window. CD takes over and seduces Roxanne so well that she invites Chris into her house for sex.
   Count de Guiche discovers that Roxane and Christian secretly wed. He orders Christian and Cyrano to the front to fight Spain. Roxane demands that Cyrano keep Christian safe, warm and faithful, he says he can only try, but he will ensure letters are written. Cyrano writes to Roxane as Christian very often. Later on as Christian and Cyrano are at the front, Roxane arrives with food for the starving soldiers. Roxanne leaves town for a while and gives CD her address so Chris can write letters to her. CD writes and sends many letters to Roxanne. When she comes back early, CD warns Chris about the many letters. There is no antagonist in the film.
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