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   The 1996 Japanese film, Shall We Dancu?, is 136 minutes long. The Miramax version imported to American cinemas had 18 minutes cut from the running length The American version of Shall We Dance?, is 106 minutes long and seems to be an adaptation of the cut down Japanese version imported for US cinemas.
   Shohei is an accountant for a large Japanese firm in Tokyo. He has a wife, daughter and a new mortgage. John Clark is a lawyer that prepares wills for a living. He has a teen son and daughter. He is bored with his life.
   Masaka Sugiyama is a wife who recently returned to work after raising their teen daughter, to help with the mortgage. Beverly Clark is an executive at a large store. She has a different schedule from her husband.
   Mai Kishikawa is an accomplished ballroom dancer but works in her father's dance studio as an instructor. She is bitter about this and does not respect her students for the most part. Paulina works at Miss Mitzi's Dance School. She is bored with her work.
   Toyoko Takahashi is a middle aged widow who works two jobs to support her daughter. She is a bit plump, extroverted and with an occasional bad temper. Bobbie is a single woman who practices at the Dance School. She is outspoken and gossipy. She is looking for a new dance partner for an upcoming competition.
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