What's the Difference between (novel and screenplay) the Book and A Dog's Purpose the Movie?


(novel and screenplay)

Released: 2012
Author: Cameron, W. Bruce

A Dog's Purpose

Released: 2017
Director: Hallström, Lasse
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Portrayed by: John Ortiz
Portrayed by: K. J. Apa
Portrayed by: Kirby Howell-Baptiste
Portrayed by: Britt Robertson
A Dog's Purpose Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Ethan's parents divorce and Bailey is sent to live with the grandparents at their farm. He likes it there but misses Ethan as he is away at school and only visits occasionally. Bailey is sent to live with Ethan's grandparents while Ethan goes to another college to earn a degree in agriculture.
   Ethan and Hannah appear to have broken up after he went to college. Ethan breaks up with Hannah when he decides he doesn't want her around taking care of him.
   Ethan's parents appear to have divorced, his mother lives with his grandparents and she threw her ring into the pond. Ethan's mother meets a man named Rick who takes a liking to her. Bailey also likes him. Rick is not in the movie.
   Bailey grows old and is unable to eat. He is brought to the veterinarian and sedated. Everyone tells him he is a good dog. When Ethan arrives to say goodbye, Bailey is put down. The grandparents take Bailey to the vet when they notice he is tired and off his food. The vet says there is a tumor and it can not be properly treated. Bailey is put down after Ethan arrives to say goodbye.
   The dog is re-born at a kennel to a German Shepard prior to the year 2000. She is evaluated by a Jakob (a policeman) who notes she is not afraid of loud noises, is loyal, smart and submits to him. She is adopted and named Ellie. (Elleya is Swedish for moose). The dog is re-born at a kennel to a German Shepard later on, probably the 1990's. The dog notices with alarm that he is re-born as a female. She is adopted/bought by a police officer named Carlos who works in Chicago.
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Thank you for the details of the cat. I was going by memory when I wrote the page. I updated the entry. -Ranb
07 Feb 2017 Ranb
. . . adding much to the overall story. The grandparents had nothing to do with Ethan's immediate family's cats; I'm pretty sure I remember there having been a shy cat, a barn cat, at the Farm. This cat wasn't memorable, either.
01 Feb 2017 Anonymous
In the book, Ethan's family has a cat named Smokey. Smokey eventually dies, and the humans bury him, and Bailey mentions that on the following day, he decides to dig the cat up. He couldn't understand why they'd buried a perfectly good dead cat. But this is just an aside, only one (short) paragraph, and we don't hear about any repercussions of Bailey's grave-robbing exploit. Some time later, Ethan gave his mother a replacement cat. This cat was Felix. I don't recall Felix adding much to
01 Feb 2017 Anonymous
There absolutely is a cat in the book.
01 Feb 2017 Anonymous

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