What's the Difference between (novel and screenplay) the Book and A Dog's Purpose the Movie?


(novel and screenplay)

Released: 2012
Author: Cameron, W. Bruce

A Dog's Purpose

Released: 2017
Director: Hallström, Lasse
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Portrayed by: John Ortiz
Portrayed by: K. J. Apa
Portrayed by: Kirby Howell-Baptiste
Portrayed by: Britt Robertson
A Dog's Purpose Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   Ethan likes to throw a toy for Bailey called the flip which is actually an old deflated ball. Bailey doesn't like the toy much. Bailey loves to play with the flip. When Ethan throws the flip, Bailey runs, jumps off of Ethan's back and catches the flip.
   When the family's cat dies it is buried. Bailey later digs it up. After coming back from summer vacation at the grandparents, Bailey finds the family's dead cat and runs around with it.
   While visiting his grandparents, Ethan is left alone for several days while the others are away. He uses some guns to target shoot and takes the horse (Flare) out for a ride. He is thrown from the horse when it is scared by a snake. Ethan and Bailey get lost trying to find their way home. They are eventually found by a man searching for them. This does not happen.
   Ethan meets his future girlfriend Hannah while visiting his grandparents in his early teens. He is told that they played together when much younger. He meets her at a carnival near his town when he is 16-17 years old. They meet as a result of Bailey sensing Ethan's attraction to her; Bailey pokes his nose under her skirt to get her attention. They had not met before.
   Ethan's neighbor Todd is de-ranged and cruel. He was probably responsible for a neighbor's dog that went missing and tried to steal Bailey. Todd also tried to feed Bailey tainted meat. Bailey doesn't like/trust Todd. Todd appears to be un-popular and seems to resent Ethan. He is not shown to be cruel to animals. Bailey trips Todd while he is walking with Ethan and some of his friends. Todd had insulted Ethan by suggesting the dog was his girlfriend.
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Thank you for the details of the cat. I was going by memory when I wrote the page. I updated the entry. -Ranb
07 Feb 2017 Ranb
. . . adding much to the overall story. The grandparents had nothing to do with Ethan's immediate family's cats; I'm pretty sure I remember there having been a shy cat, a barn cat, at the Farm. This cat wasn't memorable, either.
01 Feb 2017 Anonymous
In the book, Ethan's family has a cat named Smokey. Smokey eventually dies, and the humans bury him, and Bailey mentions that on the following day, he decides to dig the cat up. He couldn't understand why they'd buried a perfectly good dead cat. But this is just an aside, only one (short) paragraph, and we don't hear about any repercussions of Bailey's grave-robbing exploit. Some time later, Ethan gave his mother a replacement cat. This cat was Felix. I don't recall Felix adding much to
01 Feb 2017 Anonymous
There absolutely is a cat in the book.
01 Feb 2017 Anonymous

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