What's the Difference between (novel and screenplay) the Book and A Dog's Purpose the Movie?


(novel and screenplay)

Released: 2012
Author: Cameron, W. Bruce

A Dog's Purpose

Released: 2017
Director: Hallström, Lasse
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In the Book In the Movie
Portrayed by: John Ortiz
Portrayed by: K. J. Apa
Portrayed by: Kirby Howell-Baptiste
Portrayed by: Britt Robertson
A Dog's Purpose Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The book is entirely from the dog's point of view. Most of the movie is from the dog's point of view, but some is from various human points of view also.
   A puppy is born in the woods to his feral mother along with his siblings, Fast, Hungry and Sister. When he is several weeks old his mother and brothers are captured and brought to a woman (Senora) who runs an unlicensed dog pound; she names him Toby. When a new aggressive dog is introduced to the pound, Toby and others are injured in a fight. The dogs are seized and sent to a kennel where several of them including Toby are deemed un-adoptable and euthanized. A puppy is born to his feral mother along with un-named siblings in the woods near a town. The dog enjoys his first weeks of life until he is captured by a dog catcher. He is euthanized (not shown) immediately.
   Toby is reborn in a kennel to a golden retriever. Toby escapes from the kennel by opening the door, imitating his original mother. He is looking for a place with friendlier humans who will play with him. The dog is re-born to a red retriever at a dog kennel. He escapes after a customer examines him and the cage is left unlatched. He wanders down the road and is picked up by a man in a pickup who thinks he can get money for the dog.
   Toby is found by a man in a pickup truck who takes him along on a trip to a liquor store/bar. He is left in the truck with the windows up where it soon becomes very hot. He is rescued from the truck by a woman (Ethan's mother) who smashes the window with a rock. It is the early 1960's. The dog is left in the truck while the man goes in for a drink. Ethan and his mother are walking nearby; Ethan hears the dog whining. They see the dog in the truck nearly dead; Ethan's mom smashes the window and they take the dog home. The family also has a cat. It is 1961.
   Ethan Montgomery and his family name the dog Bailey. Bailey goes through all of the trials a puppy normally goes through, housebreaking and learning manners. He is neutered by the vet. Ethan calls him doodle dog when he is bad or when he wants to tease him. Ethan's father sternly warns him that he is responsible for the dog. Ethan Montgomery and his family name the dog Bailey. Ethan calls him boss dog or doodle dog. He is not neutered.
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Thank you for the details of the cat. I was going by memory when I wrote the page. I updated the entry. -Ranb
07 Feb 2017 Ranb
. . . adding much to the overall story. The grandparents had nothing to do with Ethan's immediate family's cats; I'm pretty sure I remember there having been a shy cat, a barn cat, at the Farm. This cat wasn't memorable, either.
01 Feb 2017 Anonymous
In the book, Ethan's family has a cat named Smokey. Smokey eventually dies, and the humans bury him, and Bailey mentions that on the following day, he decides to dig the cat up. He couldn't understand why they'd buried a perfectly good dead cat. But this is just an aside, only one (short) paragraph, and we don't hear about any repercussions of Bailey's grave-robbing exploit. Some time later, Ethan gave his mother a replacement cat. This cat was Felix. I don't recall Felix adding much to
01 Feb 2017 Anonymous
There absolutely is a cat in the book.
01 Feb 2017 Anonymous

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