What's the Difference between A Dog's Journey the Book and A Dog's Journey the Movie?


A Dog's Journey

Released: 2012
Author: W. Bruce Cameron

A Dog's Journey

Released: 2019
Director: Gail Mancuso
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In the Book In the Movie
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Ethan Montgomery
Portrayed by: Dennis Quaid
Hannah Montgomery
Hannah Montgomery
Portrayed by: Marg Helgenberger
Gloria Mitchel
Gloria Mitchel
Portrayed by: Betty Gilpin
Clarity June "CJ" Montgomery
Clarity June "CJ" Montgomery
Portrayed by: Kathryn Prescott
Portrayed by: Henry Lau
Portrayed by: Jake Manley
A Dog's Journey Book vs Movie
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In the Book In the Movie
   The story in the book spans about 70 to 80 years from CJ as an infant until her death in old age. The film spans about 30 years from CJ as an infant until her middle age years.
   Ethan Montgomery died in the previous book; A Dog's Purpose. Ethan Montgomery is still alive and an important supporting character.
   Bailey saves CJ from being trampled by a horse and after she falls into the pond. Gloria thinks Bailey pushed CJ into the pond. Bailey saves CJ from being trampled by the horse. Ethan scolds Gloria for not watching her.
   Gloria and Henry (Hannah's son) are separated and she fears losing her child support if she leaves CJ with Hannah while leaving to look for work. Henry later dies and leaves CJ money in trust. Ethan and Hannah offer to care for CJ while Gloria tries to find work. She gets mad and leaves with CJ. CJ's dad Henry (Hannah's son) died in an accident prior to the event of the film. CJ has money in trust for her as an adult.
   Hannah brings Bailey to the vet about his leg and is told he is dying. He is euthanized at the vet's office. Ethan does not appear in the book and no one knows that Bailey is being re-born through-out the book. Before Bailey is euthanized (cancer in his abdomen), Ethan asks him to keep an eye on CJ in his next life. The vet comes to the farm to put Bailey down.
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