What's the Difference between 12 Years a Slave the Book and 12 Years a Slave the Movie?


12 Years a Slave

Released: 1853
Author: Solomon Northup

12 Years a Slave

Released: 2014
Director: Steve McQueen
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12 Years a Slave Book vs Movie
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   Solomon's wife is described to have a racially ambiguous appearance due to being of mixed race (Black, White, & American Indian). His wife is undoubtedly Black.
   Tibeats can't kill Solomon because Ford still holds the mortgage on him. Ford chases Tibeats away and cuts Solomon down before he is killed.
   Patesy is inspired to live with hope that she will one day be free and that there is goodness in the world. She is so despondent she wants Solomon to end her misery by killing her.
   Solomon is sold to Tibeats by Ford. Ford sells Solomon to Epps to protect him from Tibeats.
   Lawyer Henry B. Northup is contacted by Bass to help Solomon be freed. This doesn't happen.
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