A book made into a movie, a Movie turned into a TV Show... Check out the possibilities!

Title Number of Differences
Bonnie May 0
Booster 0
Boss of Lonely Valley 0
Bought! 0
Boy21 0
Boykott 0
Accidental Love 0
Accused 0
Ace Up My Sleeve 0
Adam a Eva 0
Adam a Otka 0
Adam est... Ève 0
Adam Had Four Sons 0
Addio Kira! 0
Adela 0
Adele 0
Adolphe, ou l'âge tendre 0
Adrenaline 0
Adulterio 0
Ævintýri Pappírs Pésa 0
Afinidades 0
Agent Secret FX 18 0
Ägget är löst! En hårdkokt saga 0
Agi Murad il diavolo bianco 0
Ah! Nomugi toge 0
Ahmed, el principe de la Alhambra 0
Äideistä parhain 0
Aimez-vous les femmes 0
Air Hawk 0
Akai ito 0

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