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Title Number of Differences
Lost in a Big City 0
Love's Redemption 0
Love Always 0
Love and Lovelorn 0
Love in the Wilderness 0
Lovely Rita, sainte patronne des cas désespérés 0
Lovers of the Other Side 0
Lucija 0
Ludzie i die menschen 0
Luftburen 0
Luisa Miller 0
Lunnaya raduga 0
Luz de domingo 0
Lydia Bailey 0
M'Liss 0
M'sieur la Caille 0
Ma armastan sind 0
Maa on syntinen laulu 0
Maata meren alla 0
Maboroshi no hikari 0
Macskajáték 0
Macunaíma 0
Madame Bovary 0
Madame Butterfly 0
Madame de... 0
Maddalena Ferat 0
Made in Sweden 0
Mado, poste restante 0
Madonna of the Streets 0
Magasiskola 0

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